Tapestry & Object Study
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                    Learning Experiences   gn1
                    When i was a child, I've always loved to draw.In my memory , I was elected to attend a training in traditional Chinese painting
                    when i was nine years old. I think that was the first Society of Arts in my life. At fifteen I went to the Fu-hsin Art School and
                    in this environment with art everywhere around us ,I was taught drawing by Kuo Mingfu sculpture by Ye Song Sen and there
                    were many more mentors and who trained me, in three years giving me a solid basis for practicing painting and design.

                    In August 1986 I left my job and went to Austria to prepare the exam for the university.In October that year I was enrolled in
                    the famous University of applied arts in Vienna, studying art education with Prof. Peter Weibe.The second year I studied tapestry
                    design with Prof. Sepp Moosmann as his first Asian student. After this my studies headed into the direction of fabrics and textiles.

                    I began to use plain long and slender warps as drawing paper and using colored wefts as a paintbrush.After six years of intensive
                    study and research,I finished a German style theoretical and practical operation course, getting to know all sorts of natural fiber
                    materials and manual spinning machines,as well as hand-dyed,calico design,woven fabric design and woven mural creations.
                    I became very much interested in this kind of “applied design” and the manifestation of form that transcends all explanation,
                    letting symbolic technology and art merge into “Fiber Art”, in the meanwhile considering creation in the future and development
                    of education.

                    Creative Reflections
                    He is the warp, I am the weft – humanity is just like a tapestry.
                    Only if you value tradition, you will know how to create.
                    The joy experienced during the process of creating something, always intoxicates me. Before the birth of a new wall tapestry,
                    I always spend several months thinking about the idea and perfecting it. Then I will use a camera or a sketchbook to produce
                    a preliminary composition. After this I will put this composition in the computer to blow up the selected images, cuttings and
                    combinations. When the visual elements have all clearly appeared before my eyes, a moving force from within me inspires
                    me to set up the thread of the warp. While making a tapestry, I stop at any time to take pictures of the weaving process,
                    which shows a fascinating structure at any given moment, right up to the completion of the tapestry. These combining
                    materials as well as the special beauty of the images in their genesis are shown on the website of ‘DFTextilArt’, including
                    detailed information on the works. In my mind these detailed pictures of the weaving process can each be seen as a design
                    of another fabric; they could be translated as being home textile or apparel fabrics.
                     Tapestry Object Study      Birke Serie
Looks IV
2016_2_2_fi 2017_1_1_w 2017_1_2_w 2017_1_3_w
2016 No. 2
Visitors outside the window I
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Looks II
Looks III
FinalWerk 2015_2_Werke 2016 2016_2_1_fie
2015 No 1
2015 No 2
Melting Point
2016 No 1
Juli’s Whisper
2016 No. 2
Visitors outside the window I
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2014 No 2
Looks / Unus
2014 No 2
Looks / Duo
2014 No 2
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  2014 No 1
2013 No 2
Signs of growth
2013 No 1
Dance steps
2012 No 3
Brilliant Luster
2012 No 2
Charming Finger
 2012 No 1
Untrue Memories
2010 Das Grün III
70 x 90 cm (Ausschnitt)
kleiner Jäger
2006   Traumtherapie
150 x 150 cm
  2004  Kleiner Jäger          
70 x 71 cm
2004  Das Grün II
70 x 100 cm
2003   Fire Festival
74 x 71 cm
Aus_Nacht 1997_3
 1998  Stephanie`s  Sprache III 
90 x 110 cm
  1997    die Nacht 
  40 x 120 cm
1997   Dividing Lines
43 x 87 cm
1996   Stephanie`s Sprache II
85 x 109 cm
Ausschnitt Jaegertagebuch die Kämpfer
1995 Stephanie`s  Sprache I
 50 x 105 cm
1992   Das Grün I
120 x 102 cm
1990   Jägertagebuch
150 x 200 cm
 1988   Die Kämpfer
50 x 70 cm