Tapestry & Object Study
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Wang, Ding Fang
1961 geboren in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. 1961 Born in Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

1986-1992 Studium an der Universität für angewandte Kunst 1986-1992 Attended University of applied arts in Vienna
in Wien bei Prof.  Sepp Moosmann (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien);
und Prof. Peter Weibel. 1992 attended a masterclass for tapestry
1992 / Diplom in der Meisterklasse für Tapisserie.  obtained a Master’s of Art diploma.
1998-2010 als Assistent Professor an der Kun-Shan University 1998-2010 Lectured at Kun Shan University, Taiwan R.O.C.,
Taiwan Textile Kunst und Design unterrichtet.   as an assistant professor,
2010 mit Familie zurück nach Österreich übersiedelt and also as director at the Center of Arts.
2012 - jetzt Gründung vom Workshop "DFTextilArt" 2010
2012- now
Moved with family back to Austria.
Founded“ DFTextilArt ” Textile Workshop.
Design Wettbewerb


2010.08       Currently living in Austria with my Family / Freelance Artist
  2010 - 1998 Assistant Professor / Director Art Center / Kun Shan University Tainan Taiwan R.O.C.
                  Department of Visual Communication Design
1998 - 1997 Part-time Lecturer / Shih-Chien University / Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
1997 - 1995 Part-time Lecturer / National Yun-Lin University of Science and Technology, Department of Space Design /
                  Yun-Lin Taiwan R.O.C.
1998 - 1995 Teacher / Bein - Chau Junior High School / Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
1995 - 1992 Teacher / Fu - Hsin Trade and Arts School / Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
1992 - 1986  Studied at the University of Applied Arts in Wien, Austria / more
1986 - 1983   Advertising Agency  Designer / Taipei Taiwan R.O.C