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Learning Experience

I was selected as a Chinese painting participant for contest
and joined after-school training courses when I was in third grade of Elementary school
with a hobby of drawing all the time.
In memory, we often brought four treasures, namely, pen, ink, paper, inkstone,
to each other’s home and painted happily on the weekend.
Admitted to Fu-Hsin Trade and Arts School, Yonghe, Taipei when I was fifteen years old.
In the three years, taught in a fully artistic environment, by Guo Mingfu (painting), Ye Songsen (sculpture), etc.
The foundation of painting and concepts was shaped
influenced by enlightenment and guidance of a number of teachers.
In August 1986, I ended my career in Taiwan and went to Austria to prepare for college entrance exams.
In October, I entered the University of Vienna, Austria (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien),
supervised by Prof. Peter Weibe and Prof. Bernhard Leitner.
In the next year recommended by Prof. Maria Wessely,
successfully transferred to fabric creation , becoming Prof. Sepp Moosmann's first Asian student.
I take white  warp as "canvas", colorful weft as a "brush."
After six years of rigorous German education, I learned professional theory and practice and realized the application of
 "fiber materials and handmade textiles."
I love this "applied art" that combines textile craftsmanship and technology,
and I see it as my future goal.


"He is the warp and I am the weft." Life is like a Gobelin, and joy comes from the process.

It often takes me a few months to create and capture ideas,
and then by the support of photography or painting comes the composition.
When all the visual elements are clearly in place, that touching moment facilitates me.
I let myself be inspired by observing nature and then interpret invisible ideas
into concrete images through photography or painting techniques.
The processes of combining materials and forming beauty are all in the details
which will be conducive to furniture and clothing development.

2023 No.2
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70 x 90 cm (Ausschnitt)
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Ausschnitt Jaegertagebuch die Kämpfer
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 1988   Die Kämpfer
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